“A Very Good Feeling About Today”

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The following post is from B, a student that served in East Asia over Christmas. Many students are praying about their opportunities for service this summer and beyond over the next month. Join me in praying for them that they may be found obedient in following God’s direction today, this summer and beyond and in praying for those that were impacted by the team that served in East Asia this Christmas.

This trip [to East Asia] was unforgettable and eye opening. I had a wonderful time seeing God work through everyone on the trip and seeing Him work among the students we met. One of the highlights of the trip for me was a conversation I had with R. I was telling her the Christmas story and she asked if it really happened. After I told her it had, her eyes lit up and she was intrigued. She then asked what happened after Jesus was born, so I proceeded to tell her about Jesus and His purpose. Afterwards I gave here a New Testament, which she was very excited about, and she told me she had a “very good feeling about today.” It was a very genuine reaction that I found refreshing and exciting. I am still in touch with her today and am looking forward to seeing God work in her heart.

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