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Steve Lutz, who does collegiate ministry at Penn State, challenged a change in thinking, moving from the mindset of “building a large group” to, instead, “reaching a large campus.” 

I have sometimes answered the question, “How large is your BCM (Baptist Campus Ministry)?” by telling how many we’re having at our Tuesday night BCM worship.

But is that an accurate count or measure of the ministry impact of BCM at Jacksonville State University (JSU)?

Just this week, I interacted with students who are active in our ministry. Since we are in the early days of a new semester, this is particularly important.

I meet regularly with student leaders to make plans and carry out those plans. We interact with other students through casual interaction, targeted appointments and focused presence.

My personal involvement on campus is with the football team. I have attended practices and been by the football facility on campus. That influence takes place one conversation at a time and by being a daily presence where they are.

One BCM student leader is leading a Bible study in a fraternity house. Other BCM Bible studies are being held at our facility. BCM discipleship groups are being formed for the school year.

Already our group is working on a missions fundraising event — the annual BCM Golf Tournament — for the purpose of supporting students’ involvement in collegiate missions.

I have met with students, strategized, planned and prayed. At the end of a long week, there is still much that could be done.

The measure of what I can do won’t be measured by attendance. Rather, what difference am I making for the Kingdom?

Am I pointing students to Jesus? Am I faithfully representing Alabama Baptists with this ministry to the campus?

The answer won’t be fully answered this week or even this year. Twenty years from now what I do here at JSU will be measured by former students who continue to serve their Lord through his church. That will be the measure.

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