Pursue Survey and Reflections

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I’ve had a couple of weeks now to spend some time reflecting on PURSUE Conference 2017 – a weekend designed to help college students and young adults on their journey, finding their place in God’s ultimate purpose and design for their lives.

There were so many great components of our time together, but one keeps coming to my mind.

As a part of the registration and welcoming part of PURSUE, students were asked to answer anonymously a question on a sticky note and post it on a wall for everyone to see. The question was simply: “What is hindering you from finding your place in God’s purpose?”

In the days since the conference, I spent some time reading and praying over their responses. Here are some of the ones that stood out:

  • “Stress and Worry”
  • “Fear of what others will say”
  • “Trust Issues”
  • “Acceptance”
  • “Fear of Failing”
  • “Lack of Assurance of Salvation”
  • “My Parents”
  • “Addiction”
  • “Knowing My Past”
  • “Disappointing My Parents”
  • “Things I’m Afraid to Give Up”

In the end, the one thread that seemed to be running through all the responses was fear – fear of letting go of what I want, fear of what others will say and think, fear of failing, fear of disappointing parents. You get the picture.

The Bible is full of admonitions to “fear not.” My favorite is found in Isaiah 41:10 (HCSB): “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will help you; I will hold on to you with My righteous right hand.”

I get their fear. Aren’t we all a bit fearful at one time or another? My prayer for them, myself and for all of us is to work even harder, to lean in, to trust God completely to care and provide for today and for tomorrow.

Finding my place in God’s purpose and plan is part of our daily walking by faith not sight. It’s never easy but completely worth the risk.

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