Reaching Internationals

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With more than 13% of the student body at Troy University consisting of Internationals, students involved in Baptist Campus Ministries (BCM) are encouraged to develop friendships with Internationals and even be a conversation partner to an International friend.

One such student has developed numerous International friendships and has been prayerfully ministering  to and seeking to be the light of Christ in their lives! After six months of sharing, one particular International decided to join this friend in attending 90 Degrees, the weekly worship gathering at the BCM. That night the guest speaker was a missionary who had previously served in this International’s home country (God is awesome!) and they had a chance to share in a conversation, leading to the gift of a Bible in the student’s native language!  Numerous opportunities of sharing have occurred during the year, and the American student continues to ask, seek and knock for the salvation of this friend who has now returned to his home country. Pray for this student and the many other Internationals who attend universities across Alabama who need to encounter the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Brad Bensinger
State Missionary
Campus Minister, Troy University


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