Students in the Nations Sharing the Gospel

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With reports from student summer missionaries still coming in, I am in awe as I reflect on how God moved this summer. Let me take a moment to share a few stories:

* A highlight for Brittany, who served in Southeast Asia was when a 67-year-old lady heard the gospel for the first time, and, with tears in her eyes, asked how she could be saved.

* A highlight for Ashley, who served in Nashville among refugee people, was during Ramadan when she began to notice curiosity in two Kurdish girls and one day Tiroj asked her to read to her. As she began reading, Tiroj asked what Jesus did. As Ashley finished telling her about Jesus, Tiroj said, “In Kurdistan, I never heard the name of Jesus but, because of you and your friends, now I know.”

* A highlight for Steadman, who served in Europe, was the way he experienced and saw the power of prayer and power of the Holy Spirit; this left him amazed every day.

Many students, like Josh who served in South Asia, were challenged to examine their lives back here through their experiences this summer. Josh’s prayer request is: “Pray that God would give me vision and courage to continue working where I need to at home.”

Dane, a student who was on our team that served at the World Cup in Brazil, had a similar request: “Pray as I go back to school that I will be bold and courageous by bringing Christ into my everyday conversations and to share the Gospel as I did while in Brazil.”

As I mentioned earlier, reports are coming in daily. I’m honored to report that more than 325 professions of faith have been reported thus far as a direct result of One Mission Student summer missionaries service this summer. Join me in praying for follow-up efforts that will take place across the world and that these students are faithful in the world that is their campus. May God be glorified in their obedience!

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