Update from M in East Africa

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This week we did a lot with our friends’ (S and J) english classes, using the story of the prodigal son while teaching. One day, I was on the roof/patio of the ESL building Covering everyone who was teaching that day.  You could say they were casting Seed. And as I was sitting there I saw some crows flying around, or perched as if waiting to snatch something up.  It came to me, that as these people walk away from here, there will be many things to cause the Seed to not take root.  There will be many crows that will snatch away the seed before it can even have a chance to take root.  So Ask that the soil will be tilled so that when we cast the seed it will take root, and that He will cause fruit to grow. Apart from Him there is no growth. So this past week we did mostly ESL (I got to share my Story twice, so that was cool) but starting next week, we’ll be doing a mixture of ESL, Walking, getting to know people, etc.

Thanks so much for Remembering us while we’re here! Even though there’s not much Light, I can still see Him moving in small ways. Don’t forget about us, we’ve all had opportunities to share, Ask that it would take root.

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