Update from Savanah, Serving in Knoxville, TN

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I’m finally in Knoxville and getting settled in! TSMO (Tennessee Summer Missions Orientation) went great and I got to meet some great people. I made it to Knoxville this past Friday. I am staying at the Baptist Collegiate Ministry house on the University of Tennessee campus. I am working at the Western Heights Baptist Center here. It’s right in the middle of Tennessee’s largest government housing project.

I got the opportunity to go to a church picnic today with some of the frequent visitors and got to spend time getting to know them. Great people but their stories are so different than mine I am doubting that they’ll take anything I say seriously. One lady has 6 children her older kids are on their own but she doesn’t have custody of the others. She has been in and out of prison for drugs and alcohol and she’s maybe in one of my Bible study groups. How am I going to talk to her when I grew up with a great family and the most trouble I’ve been in is a speeding ticket? I am thankful for my upbringing but at the same time what do I say to her about God’s love? How do I make her believe me?

Pray for the community and Baptist Center It is a very rough neighborhood and drugs and alcohol abuse are rampant.

Pray for me and the other workers for safety, and that we will be able to show these people Jesus

Pray for the Baptist Center to grow and a revival

Pray for the childrens program starting wednesday

Pray for me to just allow God to speak through me because I know I don’t have the words these people need.

More updates soon! Thanks for the prayers!

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