Update from West Africa

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The two guys that I hang out with the most have begun to show a lot of interest in the Gospel stories. The man I work with everyday now has a standing order to meet me everday in the square at 4:00 to listen to the stories. On Wednesday, I met him and went through the longest tape I had, which lasts a little over an hour. During the tape, the other man I spend a lot of time with, closed up his shop and came and listened for a few minutes, but had to go back to his work. When we completed the tape, the second man sent a little girl over to me to ask me to come over to him and listen to the tapes. So I sat back down and again went all the way through this tape.

I have high hopes for my village, there are a small handful of men who are at least showing an interest in listening and learning the stories, and while they may have only picked it up from me, and not really mean it, but they have began saying, “Yesu Almasihu, a kwai dadi. A kwai gaskia sosai, sosai” (Jesus Christ is good. It is very true.)

I’ve only got 3 weeks left, and it’s gonna be gone before I know it. I implore you to be praying for these men. Plead to God, and intercede with me on their behalf that the Holy Spirit penetrates their heart and draws them to Himself.

S is a student living in the villages of West Africa serving among an unreached people group. Continue to pray for him, his team and other students serving this summer.

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