What’s PURSUE all about?

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A recent article I read began with this statement: “Healthy relationships are a vital component of health and wellbeing. There is compelling evidence that strong relationships contribute to a long, healthy, and happy life.” True, from just about every perspective.

From my perspective, that’s a John 10:10 kind of life: an abundant life; a life complete with family, friends, fulfilling and meaningful work and, most of all, a deep and abiding faith in God through a personal relationship with his Son.

But you don’t have to look long to realize that this “abundant” is getting harder and harder to find. Relationships with parents, children, spouses, co-workers are not easy. Help from TV talk show hosts, relationship experts and counselors isn’t leading us to pursue an abundant, John 10:10 kind of existence.

If you work with or are familiar with today’s college campus culture, you know that the kind of relationships being touted are usually not those aligned with biblical principles. Recent statistics related to addiction to sex, alcohol, drugs and pornography are staggering.

Consider the ubiquitous substitution of technology for real face-to-face personal relationships, along with confusion related to gender roles, lifestyle choices, marriage and family, and dating issues. All this makes you just want to stop and…

That’s what we’re asking Alabama college students and their leaders to do: to stop and spend 24 hours looking at the biblical importance of Intentional, Authentic, Christ-Centered Life Together at PURSUE2015 — a weekend event for college students and young adults looking for real answers to the right questions about life’s complicated relationships. PURSUE will give folks an opportunity to think, talk and listen to information about topics such as:

  • Reconciling broken relationships.
  • Helping your parents see you as an adult.
  • Developing the character in your life that you desire in a future spouse.
  • On-line dating.
  • My friend just “came out”; what do I do?
  • Do all my friends look the same?
  • Is “How far is too far?” the wrong question?
  • How to have Gospel-centered conversations with your friends.
  • Being “above reproach” but approachable.
  • Handling conflict in personal relationships.

I really don’t know anyone who is handling life’s complicated relationships with 100 percent success. Do you? So take 24 hours and be a part of the conversation with students and young adults from all over Alabama at PURSUE2015, February 20-21, at Westwood Baptist Church, Alabaster.

It will be the best 24 hours and $25 you’ll spend this winter. Register on line now at http://www.onemissionstudents.org/pursue.

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