Sean Thornton

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One of my favorite Christmas songs is “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.”  For some reason, I’ve always found its somber calls enchanting.  In truth, it’s more of an Advent song than a Christmas song since it brims with the longing and expectation of the Messiah to come.  There’s a longing in those words “O Come!” …

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Speed Dating

I’ve never been speed dating, but I have a rough idea of what happens: Desperate singles gather and have a brief few minutes with a member of the opposite sex in hopes of feeling a spark of chemistry that leads to a relationship. It sounds terrible! And, yet, that is how the opportunity was presented …

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Temporary Residents

Temporary residents.  That’s how the Holman Christian Standard Bible translates the Greek word parepidemos in 1 Peter 1:1 and 2:11. It’s sometimes translated as “pilgrims” or “sojourners.”  Peter points out the importance of that recognition of the temporary status of things on this earth.  If we know that we strangers here, it will affect our …

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